Planets are circling around in the universe, the wind blows, the tree grows and you are reading this text. It all goes automaticly. Because a human being has self-awareness, we see ourselves as a separate individual. This idea is creating a lot of worries and frustration. We are continuously trying to maintain our self-image and we live with fear for what might happen in the future and frustration about things that happened in the past. But everything is one, everything is just happening.


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Nonduality is an Indian philosophy that was written in the Upanishads (8th-6th centuries BC.) We are living in a time where the nondual vision is scientifically substantiated.

Neuroscience has discovered that there is no free will in the brain and from quantum physics we now know that everything comes from one source, also called the 'zero point field' or 'unified field'. All there is, is love.

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Nonduality is pointing to the idea
that everything is one energy.
And you, as a body-mind system, are an instrument being played by energy. So... your feeling of being an individual is merely a thought and your idea of having a free will, is also just a thought.

Nonduality points to the illusory dream of “I” which seems to give the appearance of separation from life itself, and to the boundless freedom that has always been here, that never left and was never lost.

  Eckhart Tolle   Paul Smit  

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